30 Ways That WD-40 Can Make Your life Easier

Published: 12/02/2019 By Empire Estates

We outline the significance of the powerful product and how some every day uses can change your life.
Only few people know that this industrial tool is actually a wonderfully important and useful item to have.

Polishing Your Silver
A small amount of WD-40 sprayed over your accessories can help them look as new as the day you got them.

Shoe Shining
With WD-40, the ingredients act as a solution to avoid dirt and salt spots that can build up over time, and can actually turn your shoes waterproof!

Removing Gum
Oh no! You’ve only gone and stepped in chewing gum in your brand new shoes. Now you’re stuck with a stick all afternoon.
Once considered the kiss of death for shoes, WD-40 can be used to help soften the nuisance, in the same way it protects your shoe from salts.

Toilet Cleaner

If you ever run out of conventional toilet spray to wash down the bowl, you can always grab a can of WD-40 and apply it how you usually would.
In fact, it can be shown as more effective than regular toilet bowl cleaners – studies suggest it cleaners quicker and will last longer.

Clearing Unwanted Crayons
Whip out your WD-40 and lightly sprayed over the ‘art’ and restore the wall back to normal.

No More Water Stains!

In the same way it prevents water and ice on shoes, the same wonder-spray can be used on windows to avoid those annoying stains often found in showers.
Just incorporate this trick into your usual cleaning routine and watch the stains disappear.

Polishing Scissors
It makes sense that WD-40 would be used to clean scissors due to its ability to restore silver, but it’s an easy thing to forget!
Next time you think of replacing your sticky scissors, just squirt a little spray on them and watch how they recover.

Remove Stickers
With its knack for softening textures, it’s no wonder people apply WD-40 to stickers and price tags that stubbornly won’t leave your car or bottle of wine.
There’s nothing worse than turning up to a dinner party with a ripped label, so don’t. It’s that simple.

Unzipping Your Fly
WD-40 works wonders on zips that refuse to move. What can be more annoying than your bag failing to carry your items by not closing?
Or your trousers that have an embarrassing fault? Apply some spray and watch them switch back into action.

Tea Stains And Coffee Stains
If you’ve ever spilled your hot drink, you can understand how frustrating it is to try to remove the stain. You know what works well to help remove this pain?
Yup, you guessed it. WD-40 will remove the stains from most surfaces when incorporated in your cleaning routine.

Take A Ring Off
In the unfortunate event you might have to take a ring off your finger after a long time, you could find a little resistance both physically and emotionally.
Thankfully, WD-40 can help slide that ring right off your finger. Success!

Turns Rust To Crust

If you ever find a treasure chest in the water, you might be disappointed to see the padlock protecting its jewels has turned to rust.
With WD-40, you’ll be able to gain access to your new fortune by easily applying it to the problematic area.

Repairs Shower Heads
If you’re cleaning the window glass, try reach for the higher spots and apply some WD-40 on the shower head.
The spray can extend the life of the shower head and break down grease and rust.

Removes Your Fridge’s Mildew
No one wants mildew in their fridge! The uninvited kitchen guest looks and feels terrible.
Apply some WD-40 during your fridge clean and it will look good as new after only a few minutes.

Defrosting Ice
If living in a cold climate, defrosting your car’s windows in the morning can add minutes to your morning commute. Settlers in cold regions, however, will rush to tell you their home trick: That’s right, using WD-40! It removes the ice stuck on your windows and also prevents it from sticking in the

Removing Blood
This one may feel a bit dark, but you’ll be thankful you know this tip if your young child falls down and cuts his/her knee.
Applying light amounts of WD-40 to the piece of clothing affected by blood marks can quickly remove any lasting effects.

Clean Your Clubs
Have you just come back from a messy round on the golf course? Make sure you rub your irons in a quick fashion to get rid of any liquid that may cause rust or dirt that could stain. By doing it soon after your game, you’ll be sure to extend the lifeline of your set.

Perfect Your Pitch

Over time, the strings on your piano may loosen or tighten, which will affect the pitch and tone of your music.
When applying some WD-40, it will keep them smooth. Now it’s just your voice you’ll need to fix!

Keep Those Animals Away!
Animals can’t climb up trash cans if they’re slippery!
Good thing WD-40 is designed to be long lasting on plastics and tin materials – making them unable to rummage in your rubbish. Success!

Remove Fingerprints
Next time you find yourself wanting to remove your fingerprints from some items or locations, feel free to spray a little WD-40 onto where you want to remove evidence.
Did we say remove evidence? We meant clean. But yeah, we don’t want to know why you want to do this.

Clean Leather
There aren’t many things that are appropriate to use when cleaning your fancy leather sofa.
Thankfully, WD-40 is one of them due to its ability to smoothen and lubricate the fabric.

Quiet Like A Mouse!
Sick of that door squeaking every time you walk in and out of a room?
Don’t forget you can use WD-40 for one of its most popular purposes – silencing those pesky doors!

Keep The Wasps At Bay

Wasps absolutely hate the scent of WD-40, so if you find yourself in an area which attracts the bug, it will never hurt to spray some in some corners.
They will keep well aware, and you will avoid their painful sting.

Remove Strong Glue

If you thought you could get away without using gloves when applying strong glue, then silly you!
No problem, however, because WD-40 can help the sticky mess slip right off.

Clean An Ashtray
After a busy night hosting your friends at home, you may be faced with an over-filled ashtray with disgusting buds.
Thankfully, WD-40 can remove the ash and lighten the burn marks, helping you reuse your smoke box.

Unsticking Lego
If you have a house full of children, you may see some lego around the house. If you haven’t seen them, then you’ve definitely stepped on them a few times.
If two pieces ever get stuck together, you can always use our trusted friend WD-40 to unstick them. Your kids will thank you. But they’ll also be able to leave more pieces around the house.

Cockroach Repeller
Next time you see an unwanted houseguest in your home, spray some WD-40 on it. Turns out, it can act as a repellent to cockroaches and insects that might find themselves in your home.
Make sure to spray it in the corners that attract the most amount of bugs – like cracks, pipes, gaps, or window frames. Before long, you’ll be left alone at night.

Remove Scuffs
Ugly scuff marks can easily appear on kitchen or bathroom floors, causing a headache for homeowners everywhere. Our trusted friend WD-40 can help remove tar and scuff marks of hard-surfaced floors.
You might want to open a window if you’re doing a deep clean – it can get smelly there!

Tools Without Splinters
No tool lasts forever. Eventually, our hammers, screwdrivers, or sanders all succumb to chips and rust.
With WD-40, you can easily prolong the life of your tools by moisturizing them and also keeping them splinter-free!

Renew Your BBQ
After a few grills, your barbeque grill might appear dirty and rusted. Your friends might appreciate an invite to your home over the weekend, but they won’t like burgers grilled on gross grills. Before your guests arrive, spray some magic WD-40 on the grill and wipe it down. You’ll be looking at a brand new grill after only a few seconds.