General Election 2017

Published: 09/06/2017 By Empire Estates

So let us first start off by saying that both main political parties were neck and neck for most of their election campaigns.

The Conservatives obtained the most votes, in comparison to the other parties, however not enough of a majority to form a government, meaning that we are set to see a coalition once again.

The most likely Tory coalition is predicted to be with the DUP who hold 10 seats (this would bring the conservatives above the 326 seat majority threshold).

In the local council Both Brent Central and Brent North which are both Labour strongholds, have successfully held onto their seats meaning that although the government is set to be controlled by the Conservative coalition the local council will remain under Labour control.

With this we would like to congratulate our local Members of Parliament: Barry Gardiner and Dawn Butler and offer commiserations to all other candidates who put themselves forward as a candidate in Brent.
We hope that the our elected representatives will do what is best for our community and local businesses and people living in the area.
With Brexit negotiations to start within the next 11 day we hope that our government organises itself as quickly as possible to get our nation back on track with the tasks in hand including Brexit, National Security, and reducing national debt, to name just a few.


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