Keep your home secure while you are away this summer

Published: 24/07/2018

The summer holidays are here, you may be preparing to travel this summer, you will more than likely have a lot of packing to do and things to sort out for while you are away. Something that people often forget about is keeping their home secure while they are on holiday. If you leave your home unattended for long periods it may become a target for burglary. But there are a number of ways that you can secure your home while you are away on your holidays.

Here we have a shortlist of top things you can do to help keep your home safe this summer.

Think about appearances

If you are leaving your home for an extended period then you will want to think about how it looks to the outsider. If your lawn is already overgrown when you are getting ready to leave then you should make sure you mow it so that your garden looks maintained. Make sure that you leave your blinds and curtains open, as closed curtains during the day are the biggest tell-tale sign nobody is home. Make sure that you keep valuables out of sight so any potential burglars are not tempted to break into your home.

Ask a neighbour

If you have a neighbour that you get on with then you should ask them to keep an eye on your home. You can also ask them if they would be willing to remove any post or leaflets that are not out of sight and are on display. You might have waste collection while you are away so you can ask a neighbour if they would bring your bins in from the roadside. Getting your neighbour to look out for your home can be a great way to make sure that it is secure while you are away.

Don’t Broadcast Your Holiday

It is important that you don’t broadcast the fact that you are on holiday to all of your friends and family, as they may also mention this to someone else. Another thing that you might want to avoid is publishing posts and photos on social media. By sharing loads of posts about your holiday you are alerting people to the fact that your home is sat empty. It might be best to try and post pictures on social media a few days before you leave or when you get home.

Keep valuables out of sight

If you must leave valuables at home don’t leave them where they can be seen through a window. Avoid obvious hiding places such as a drawer, in a fake food can or in the freezer. Your best bet is not to leave anything you would hate to lose in the house at all, in order to save most of your treasure, your second-best bet is to distribute it around several locations that are difficult to reach, and leave a pile of money and some inexpensive items in a more obvious place. Your intruder might be encouraged to leave after finding your fake hoard rather than ripping the house apart in the hope of finding the real deal.

By following these tips you can help to keep your home secure while you are on holiday. Although it is unlikely your home will be broken into, it doesn’t hurt to be safe and take precautions. This should also give you peace of mind and stop you from worrying about your home while you are away on holiday.

Enjoy your trip.