Tips on finding your ideal home

Published: 26/05/2016 By Empire Estates

Know Your Budget

Before arranging to view any properties work out your budget. The more realistic and honest you are about what you can afford, the easier and quicker it will be to choose a property.


A good location is one where people want to live, it doesn't need to be the cheapest or the most expensive area. You should choose an area that has the most potential for the future. The type of property you are looking for may also influence your choice of location.
Type of Property

The type of property is an important consideration. Find a type of property which will appeal to you and your lifestyle choices. One type of property to consider is a new build property as they generally have less repairs to carry out, however will need to weigh this up with the character features and charm the older properties have to offer. If you have young children it might be a good idea to find a property with a garden or outdoor space. Likewise if you are a professional couple an apartment within close proximity to a tube station might be a better option.