Top 10 - tips to get your home ready for winter

Published: 15/09/2018

1) Turn on your central heating, and ensure everything is working well.
2) Visually check your roof and chimney, to see if there are any missing tiles or damages that need to be repaired.
3) Get your drains and gutters cleaned, to avoid any blockages in the winter.
4) Check your windows to ensure that there are no breakages that need repairing.
5) Put some WD40 in your door locks and window hinges, to ensure that the mechanisms will work freely throughout the winter.
6) Chang the batteries in smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms, and test.
7) Carry out any external repairs to the house, before it gets too cold.
8) Secure all sheds and outhouses with locks, before the shorter days set in.
9) Install or repair external lighting  so the main areas of the property are visible at night
10) Stockpile some essentials: tinned food, drinking water, warm clothing and toilet paper (just in case you get snowed in).